Inside The Label: Gracious K Reflects On Being Signed To A Major #ITL


Amaru Don TVInside The Label#ITL documents what happens within the label with various Artist. We talk with Gracious K who was previously signed to Sony, and the story behind “Migraine Skank” and ultimately where it wrong for him.

For most musicians, scoring a major label record deal is at the top of their to-do list, and for good reason. Having one of the Big Four labels working on your music can be your ticket to the big time. Labels have the money which helps open a lot of doors, and when a major label comes knocking, most media outlets are ready to let them in. Additionally, most major labels have been in the business for decades and have long established connections that help you reach your music career goals. A lot of major labels tend to sign a lot of musicians and throw out a lot of music, just to see what will stick. As a new signing, except in very special circumstances, you’re likely to find yourself fighting for attention from the label. If you’re music doesn’t start sticking then you can find yourself with a record out that isn’t getting much promotion.

Download here on iTunes “Thinking Out Loud” – Single by Gracious K



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