How To Create a Successful YouTube Channel (ARTIST ADVICE)


Are you a musician, a rising recording artist or an indie artist interested in using YouTube as a marketing tool? Here is a guide that will help you take your YouTube presence to the next level.

Key Strategies for YouTube

The first thing you should focus on as a content creator on YouTube is your audience. It’s important to target a specific audience with your content. The more defined your audience is, the more viewers you will get.

Determine who you want to create content for.

Who would buy or stream your music? Who would watch your videos? If you were to create a video from scratch, who would you create this video for?

See how you can define your audience by adding skills level, genre and location? A narrow audience allows you to create more targeted content. In summary, learn about your target personas. We may come back to this marketing concept in a future article.

Determine what your audience wants to do. What do your customers/fans like most?

Although publishing content related to your music is a powerful way to connect with them, sometimes creating videos on related topics can help you grow your audience. For instance, you could create a video called “beginner musicians that want to get their music on Spotify.” Even if this video is not directly about you as an artist or your music (although you could be selling a related e-book), it will still attract the attention of the right kind of audience.

Discover what your fans need and find out if these needs are being filled. Don’t overlook any kind of opportunity, even if it is not directly related to your product. Okay, I can hear you scream now, or at least moan: “Hey, but we’re talking about music! Music is art! It’s not a product!”

Well that’s another debate for another time (i.e. “is pop music art or a product?”), but right now we’re talking about marketing. Let’s stay focused on the topic at hand. Determine whether or not your audience really wants to consume information via video.

Does your audience really want to learn through video?

Some may prefer text, audio or other mediums, but a good chunk of your audience is probably interested in consuming video content. Video is a perfect channel for tutorials, strategies, product demonstrations and even product reviews. Musicians and performers would do well to feature their work on video, not just to attract more followers, but also to show their expertise and skills.

Just keep in mind that not all content types can be placed on a video since videos can’t be scanned like with a blog post. Lists don’t work well in video presentations. But once you’ve defined a target market with a specific need that can be addressed with video, you can move on to the next strategy.

Create Videos That Attract More Views

It’s not enough to put your videos out there in hopes that they will be discovered. This is like publishing a blog post on your site without ever promoting it! Sure, you might see some traffic to your site over the long haul, but the post-and-run approach is mostly ineffective.

But you still want to get the most exposure you can for your content without putting in a ton of marketing behind it. This is why it’s necessary to create great content.

There are a few “simple” steps to make this happen:

1. Educate or entertain – when a viewer watches a video, there are two primary reasons. He/she is either there to learn something, or wants to be entertained. Therefore, your video should either educate, entertain, or both.

Realise that your audience doesn’t care for a long introduction or a history lesson. They are watching your video because they want to learn something from you or they want to be entertained. If you want to keep your viewers coming back, make sure to create content that accomplishes this end.

2. Quality is crucial – one significant thing about YouTube viewers is that they look for quality videos – low quality and poorly shot videos simply won’t cut it. Your goal is to create high quality videos that will please your viewers.

3. Make a name for yourself – in creating your own YouTube channel, you need to create loyal followers who will watch your videos on a regular basis. Therefore, having only one great video will never be enough. You need to commit to creating high quality videos for your channel on an ongoing basis so you can accumulate more subscribers. This can help with video shares too.

Creating multiple videos about your subject matter will make you look like an expert too, and even if your first one doesn’t accumulate a lot of views, it can grow exponentially as you release more and more content.




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