Artist Vs Label: August Alsina Barks On Def Jam For Album Leak


In a series of frustrated tweets, singer August Alsina informed fans that his album leak on Thursday may have been the work of his Def Jam record label.

“All this work just for my sh*t to be leaked,” August said in an interview with radio station Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.” “I’m signed to Def Jam, so that’s the blame. I ain’t going to blame anybody else – yeah. It was a mistake on their behalf. Really it was a stream that was supposed to go up for Vevo. Rather than streaming, they just put the sh*t out. They just put the sh*t up on YouTube, like a careless f*cking mistake. It’s just careless – that sh*t makes me feel so [mad]. They said sorry and that’s the bullsh*t right there – I got a big f*cking mouth


To Whom It May Concern, #ThisThingCalledLife is officially out on Dec.11th

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“I definitely meant those words,” he said when asked about the leak. “We work hard as a motherf**ker. I can’t even give you an analogy to compare it to what y’all do. As an artist you see the s**t we go through. The music business is one of the hardest businesses to make it in so to actually be making it… You think you got this roll-out for your album and all this s**t and then something like that happen man and that s**t hurts you to the core.”

Your Take: Do you think album “leaks” are intentional or accidental on the labels behalf?


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