Talking Point: Should Women Consider Proposing to Their Man?


Most women look forward to the day their boyfriends will propose and expect something totally magical and over the top. But lots of men are clueless. These days, women are taking matters into their own hands to get what they want… romantic, or not.

Most of us want equality for both sexes in all facets of life. Ideally, this would be the case. The truth is that for this to be, there will be some resistance in some instances. For instance we have today’s subject of marriage proposal. Now some of us may feel that a woman proposing to a man would be tacky. Some simply thing that it isn’t right. We’ll explore this today whether it be in this post or in the comments. But the bottom line is that this here lies the same “what’s good for the goose” ideology. If men can propose to women, so should a woman propose to a man?

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by Amaru Adtv Wilcox at Mode


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