WHAT WOULD YOU DO: “Bail Him Out Or Leave Him In Jail”


I decided to start a new thread on AMARU DON TV called “What would you do“.

The synopsis:

Bail him or out leave him in jail?

Marie Holmes made headlines when she won a $188 million lottery in February. A single mother of four, Holmes, 26, has faced criticism for standing by her man, Lamarr McDow, who is allegedly in a gang and was arrested on drug charges.

Holmes recently posted a $6 million bail for McDow who was arrested for violating his initial bond agreement by having drugs and a weapon. McDow was initially arrested in November after being caught with 8,000 bags of heroin. McDow has an extensive criminal record with convictions for assault on a female and drug possession.

If Holmes wants to spend up her newfound fortune on a man, in and out of jail, is that a wise decision to make?

If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, would we leave a loved one behind bars when we have the resources?

Truth be told, it’s easy to shake our heads and wag our fingers in disgust and disapproval; but we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love.

What would you do – Bail him out or leave him in jail?

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