Guest Post: “I Wish We Learned How To Walk Away In Love” #RUTALK


“If there was one lesson I wish we all learned earlier it’s how to walk away in love”

When your time with a person comes to an end it doesn’t mean the value you placed on the person lessens. It doesn’t mean you no longer love them. It means the part of your life where you walked together is over.

Granted people can act in a way that dishonours you and what you shared and that may change how you view them.

I don’t know where we got the impression that we had to dis and dismiss someone because we were no longer involved with them. Or act like they were always a jump off or just someone we played when we were happily building a life with them. I have always been interested in our egoic notion that if we seem like we never cared then we don’t have to admit that we are hurt by the ending.

Flexing on Instagram. Laughing with friends. Calling them back when we say they ain’t sh*t. And we all do it. For myself, I am tired of it. Tired of the way we treat people we love. Tired of love fighting to coexist with ego.

I have loved each of my partners deeply and my separation from each was a great loss. I have had people lie and cheat on me and even in those cases I still continued to miss and love them for some time after the separation. Because my love for them is MY love for them. It exists outside of their flaws and even outside of my rational decision to no longer be with them.

If a person has value. They have value. Lying to yourself and the people around you may be a coping mechanism but I continue to hope that as a world we will evolve past that space. And get to a place where we can hold our vulnerability bravely and face up to the whole truth about ourselves.

If you have had someone do this to you… Take heart. The way they treat you says more about them than you. Until a person learns honor they will struggle to act right. So don’t be shocked if they dishonor you in the relationship and in its ending.

Hold fast to the truth of what you feel. Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem. Continue to be beautifully human. And recognize that honoring love is also about honoring yourself. Honour yourself.

Written by Carla Moore

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