Amaru Don TV Interviews Kim Cesarion


“I Never Want To Rush Anything, When The Album Is Perfect It Will Be Released.”

Kim Cesarion one of RCA/Sony Records newest signees sits relaxed on a top floor of the labels UK headquarters, exuding a calm but inveiglement  demeanor. The effortlessly confident 22-year-old switches between English, Swedish and French with ease while discussing his Guadeloupean heritage. 

This brand of self-assurance mirrors the ambiance of his single Undressed. The sexually expressive track speaks clear to Kim’s attitude towards building an atmosphere, through soulful experimental instrumentation and vocal arrangements.  

“[The writers and producers] we all felt that we found something different, we found something that we all loved. We knew we had something special.”

Flashes of D’Angelo and Prince influenced vocals are hard to ignore during a live performance of Undressed. “I grew up on Prince and D’angelo. One of most influential moments was when I met D’Angelo in Stockholm after his Voodoo show.”

Growing up in a family with its foundations in music, Kim mastered the violin during his childhood and attended classical music school in Russia. “Since I trained at a young age, instrumentation is very important to me. I’m a perfectionist ask my band. I’m very into the details of how I want my band to play. I work hard with them.”

Kim began to work with production and management team Artistotracks two years ago. Arnthor Birgisson who has written and produced songs for Janet Jackson, Carlos Santana and Leona Lewis set out on an experimental quest to find the right sound for Kim’s debut album. “Its such a creative energy in the studio, we wrote the whole album together”. A chance meeting with Talay Riley who was working in a near-by studio saw the two working on a song called Life Time “We needed a good hook Talay came in and hooked us up.”

The sound of Kim’s debut album is ever evolving, “I don’t want to put myself in box. I’m influenced by so many different genres; reggae, house, rock and pop. It’s a blend of all of these influences my sound will always change.” One thing that will stay consistent are his song concepts, “I’m 22-years-old so my music is going to be about girls – some more undressing, beautiful women and love triangles, I write from my life experiences.”

Kim is in no rush to release his first album “When its time I’ll know, I never want to rush anything, when the album is perfect it will be released.”

Interview By Venessa Byron

‘Undressed’ release date, June 30th


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