Ru Talk: “Mr. Right Vs. Mr. Right Now” (The 7 possible telltale signs) Written By @HoneyBeeBilli


Mr. Right Vs. Mr. Right Now- Seven possible telltale signs…

It’s not uncommon that we all have a type we typically are attracted to. This guy’s name is Mr. Right. But what if our Mr. Right is really our Mr. Right Now and not necessarily the guy who will give us what we need within a relationship to ensure it is real, fulfilling and progressive?

What if our Mr. Right is actually the complete opposite of our Mr. Right Now? What if we put aside ‘our type’ and took a chance on someone we may have never noticed or given the time of day before? Here’s 7 signs that may indicate you need to change your way of thinking when seeking that happily ever after…

  1. He is well known and forces this, well loved and consumed by this, well about himself and comfortable with this.
  2. You put yourself aside and start doing the things you think/know he will notice, almost to score brownie points as he doesn’t pay attention otherwise
  3. He only seems interested in your thoughts when they revolve around him and his greatness or what he wants! This is when you hear from him.
  4. You find yourself going out of your way to prove how important he is to you… which is accepted but not extended back to you.
  5. You give, and give… and give- he takes, and takes.. and takes. There are no traits of a ‘Provider’, ‘Protector’ or ‘Pro Active Thinker’
  6. When introducing you, there is never a title- just ‘this is my friend or even just ‘this is *insert name*’
  7. You find yourself making excuses and allowances time after time for the things you know are not right even though there are no signs of acknowledgment or remorse on the part of the ‘recipient’.

Sometimes it takes something to change you’re perspective. It comes naturally to have a set ‘type’. Even if this isn’t bible to your elimination process, there are things that we search for in the people we choose to spend our time with, there is nothing wrong with this.

This isn’t to say that ‘Mr. Right’ will not possess these traits- what’s a relation with no attraction… however when it comes to Mr. Right, It’s not just having the thrill, they fade. Nor is it just about feeling ‘in love’. Its also about investing in yourself, you’re future, you’re happiness and security.

Given the chance with a person you may overlook, you may find you have opposite opinions share the same ideologies and inevitably want the same thing! This is very important. In the same way you don’t give up on your desires, Don’t give up on love. Just remember to take a step back and evaluate what you are giving, what you are receiving and what you require.

If there is a huge uneven ratio- Re-evaluate! Maybe it’s about that time- to say goodbye to Mr. Right Now and take a chance at finding your happily ever after in the most realistic sense of the phrase. Sooner or later you’ll need to pull it together and do such. You’ll save time not seeking the thrill and thank yourself for it. Key word ladies- Longevity. It’s just a thought.

Written Billi John

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