Deepest Song: Miguel Discusses “Candles In The Sun” Via @AmaruDonTV


Amaru Don TV (ADTV), caught up with Miguel just weeks before the Grammy awards ceremony where he is nominated for 5 awards. Including Song Of The Year for his #1 hit single Adorn.

Listening to Kaleidoscope Dream there is no question that Candles in the Sun is the most lyrically intense and thought provoking song of the album. Miguel shows his ability to establish a deeper conversation that develops in the listeners mind long after the music has stopped playing.

Candles In The Sun brings issues that stem from the ownership of social responsibly to the forefront, whether it is within the higher levels of our governments committing white-collar crimes or our own moral dilemmas. Miguel even breeches the ever-controversial topic of questioning God.

Business and governments just watch as the innocent fade.

Mindless bureaucracy fails, hindering government aid.

Are you appalled?
Are you watching?
What are we doing?
Where are we going?

The Art Dealer Chic version of Candles In The Sun opens with John Lennon saying, “There’s no separating, we’re all one” then features an extended clip of Lennon speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone hours before his Murder.

I used to think that the world was doing something to me, that the world owed me something…. I don’t think that anymore, because I found out it doesn’t f*cking work. Most a**holes just accept what it is anyway and get on with it, right? So for the few of us who did question what was going on, I have found out personally, not for the whole world, that there’s no separating, we’re all one(Lennon, 1980)

Watch below Miguel discuss his Deepest Song, Candles In the Sun.

Written by @VenessaLB