It was wet, snowing & absolutely freezing as I made my way to the K West Hotel. I met Amaru  just outside of Westfield Shopping Centre & we made our way to the location. I’d never been to the K West before but as we got closer, I became eager & excited but at the same time nervous that I was actually about to meet A$AP Rocky!

As we entered the hotel, I introduced myself to the other members of the ADTV team who were all very friendly and welcoming! We all sat down, waiting for the teams ahead of us, who were also interviewing Rocky, to finish so we could have our turn. During this time, I got an insight into other famous rappers the ADTV team have worked with, Amaru briefed me on his unique interviewing style & we discussed Rocky’s album; our favourites on the record & so on.

The time had come to finally meet Mr. Rocky himself! I was soooo excited but managed to compose myself. The PR took us downstairs where we began to set up the camera & video equipment & gave us a little low down on how Rocky was feeling (apparently he was moody & tired but this did not dampen my excitement!).

A few feet ahead, I stepped left into a room & boom, I was standing in front of A$AP Rocky (I don’t know how I managed to stay on my feet). He stood up from his chair & gave us ‘hello’ hugs & once the introductions were over, Amaru sat down to proceed with the interview.

Despite being pre-warned that Rocky wasn’t in the happiest of moods, I don’t think the interview could have gone any better! Amaru & Rocky hit it off as they got to talking about Rocky’s childhood. He spoke of his belief in God & how he wants his music to influence & bring people closer together. The most heart-warming moment of the interview was when Rocky told us about losing his father just a month ago, it touched us all. Rocky is such a humble guy & at the age of 24, speaks such positive & wise words. I hope his success continues over many, many years & his fan base expands beyond anyone’s expectations.

Once the interview was over, we took some snaps with the man himself & he was very open & happy to do so. He also signed my Long.Live.A$AP album for me & I thought it appropriate to just let him know I pre-ordered it & waited to listen to it although it had leaked (self-proclaimed #1 fan).

Overall, it was most definitely one of my best days, getting the opportunity to meet one of my favourite rappers ever… it will be a memory I’ll be sharing with my grandkids. Thanks very much for the experience ADTV


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