Who Does That? Loopy Lupe Fiasco Goes In On Obama and Gets Booted Off Stage


Give people a platform and they do this. Lupe Fiasco is an interesting character, like really! There’s a rule of thumb “There’s a time, and a place, for everything“. Mr Lupe LOOPY Fiasco decides to send a side  comment to Obama at the Inauguration party.

Baller Alert have a funny commentary on this.

I don’t know whether to blame Lupe for this or blame the person who booked him to perform. Lupe Fiasco has been pretty vocal on his political views, expressing disappointment in Barack Obama’s administration so I’m not sure why it comes to any surprise that when he was booked to perform at an Inauguration event he would be some type of liability

Earth to Lupe – no one, and I mean NO ONE wants to hear you go on an anti-Obama rant at an inauguration party. NO ONE! Secondly, no one, and I do mean NO ONE, wants to hear you run back your music for 30 minutes. The blame has to be placed on whoever booked who they thought the token political black guy was, because they missed the mark on this one. Then you have to blame Lupe for not doing what he was paid to do, perform.


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