Iggy Azalea Tells T.I “It’s not the right sound. It’s better if I just make my own music”

January 4, 2013 No Comments »

“[T.I.]‘s actually not [executive producing my album] anymore,” according to Iggy Azalea. “He was going to be, but originally…all the records that I had on Glory were supposed to be on The New Classic, and he executive produced what ended up being Glory. But as I was making it, I felt like, ‘This isn’t The New Classic; this is something else. It’s not the right sound.’ Not that it sounded bad, but it wasn’t what The New Classic is in my head…[i]t went good, it was an experience, but after, he said and I said it’s better if I just make my own music away [from him] because sometimes being around him, it influences the music I make to be a bit too much of a different sound…[it's] not because I don’t love, because I love him.”

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