DirteeTV.com set the internet on fire at the start of 2012 with the release of DirteeTV.com The Mixtape.  Now to celebrate the start of 2013 the Dirtee Stank crew prepare to unveil the second coming via their very own online channel DIRTEE TV with the release of DirteeTV.com The Mixtape Vol.2.

Once again the Dirtee Stank collective fronted by worldwide legend Dizzee Rascal have joined forces to make the mixtape of all mixtapes also featuring Newham Generals, P Money, Frisco, Bun B, Jammer, Chronik, Merky Ace and Dizzee protégé Katie Pepper.  Mixed once again by DJ MK, DirteeTV.com The Mixtape Vol.2 will be a Dirtee go to on Boxing Day when it drops.

If that wasn’t enough, the master himself Dizzee Rascal has been putting the finishing touches to his fifth studio album and fans will get a taste of what is to come when on 1st January the video when featured track ‘Bassline Junkie’premieres on DirteeTV.com and a 6-track EP will be made available to download via iTunes.  In the words of the Father of Bassline Dizzee himself ‘it’s all new material and just a taster of all the good new music we got coming in the new year! The Bassline Junkie video is gonna have people in stitches. 1 love!’

go to DirteeTV to download the DirteeTV.com The Mixtape Vol.2


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