ADTV INTERVIEW: @Officialchip “On The Rise” Interview With @AmaruDonTV


I recently sat down with Chip for our Amaru Don TVOn the rise” Interview. Personally, Chip, is one of my favourite artist to interview as he is an insightful, intelligent, talented and wise young man.

Lets check out some of the quotes during our interview

“For ages i wasn’t comfortable in understanding that the thought process i was having as a teenager, was not your average thought process that most teenagers were having”

“I say this, over here i don’t call them A&R’s. They Hmmmnn a bit, They ahhhhhhh a bit, and then your f**ked. I say this to any artist when you start hearing your label saying ‘We’re going to test this record’…. RUN!!!”

“One thing that i will never do and i’ll stick to my guns, is not rush. Because every single A&R that said to me ‘You need to put out a single now because this person is coming, and that person is coming, and you’re going to be washed away and everyone is going to forget you’. They are still on my phone line today”




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