@AmaruDonTV Deepest Song: @SwayUK – “Follow you”


Sway speaks exclusively about his unreleased track “follow you” with Amaru Don TV for our “Deepest Song” Segment.

“Its a story. The whole song is about following your heart. It’s about this guy who grew up without a father, but because he has kids of his own, he lost that resentment that his father wasn’t about. He gets a phone call from some woman saying she is his sister, and his father is in a bad way. Some kind of organ donor needs to go down. He tries out for the donor and he happens to be a match. And now all the resentment starts to kick in. He’s like, he’s going risk his health for this person who’s only known him now that he needs something from him”

(Sway Deepest  Song)


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