Who does that: James Arthur Credit Card Declined 3times in Footasylum

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A few months down the line and the X Factor winner won’t have the embarrassment of having his card declined at the till.

James Arthur tried three times to pay £771.74 for a load of caps in Footasylum at Teesside Shopping Park, in Stockton-on-Tees, and each time it was declined.

Anyway, James made a call at the till — either to his bank or his mum — asking if they had transferred cash into his account.

We’ve all been there. Unfortunately for James someone in the shop caught his red cheeks on camera.

Rather than throwing the caps in a heap and having a “Do You Know Who I Am” strop, James took his knockback in his stride.

And in the spirit of Christmas the store boss recognised James and cut him a deal. A source said: “The manager stepped in and said he could take the goods and pay for them at a later date.”

He’ll have plenty of room for the caps now too. SIMON COWELL is moving him into a new flat — and it’s a far cry from the £200-a-month bedsit in Saltburn he used to live in and showed X Factor mentor NICOLE SCHERZINGER round during the show.

After the success he’s had with single Impossible, the music mogul has given James the keys to a pad in north London.

He’ll live there while Simon and Sony bosses map out where his music career goes from here.

(The Sun)

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