How did a year’s worth of X Factor exposure fail to make the singer a success?


Tulisa Contostavlos has not had the best of years. A leaked sex tape, Twitter rants and poor album sales are hardly the work of a ‘Female Boss’.

Tulisa has been everywhere this year, she’s even got herself a spot on the judging panel of the biggest reality show in the UK, but she has an uncanny talent for attracting negative headlines and generally turning the public against her.

Labelling herself as ‘The Female Boss‘ hasn’t helped her cause either. It has given her an awful lot to live up to, creating an alter-ego as some kind of self-made business woman that young girls should wish to emulate. Unfortunately for the N’Dubz star, this is never going to happen.

Just what is there to look up to? Earlier this year Tulisa lost thousands of Twitter followers after a drunken foul-mouthed rant in which she said: “N as 4 all u f****** haters…u can kiss my f****** ass #gettingpaid #bothered?”

Would you ever find Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger or even Cheryl saying such offensive things that can be seen by so many people? Young fans would have seen that kind of language and could be easily influenced into thinking that is acceptable behaviour. Tulisa’s rather outstanding lack of class will always be something that stops her from being catapulted into a mega-star.

Then there is the undeniable fact that her debut album ‘The Female Boss‘ has been one of the biggest flops of 2012 so far.

The fact that Tulisa is on the biggest music platforms in the country it is quite astonishing that she can waste such an opportunity. If she lived up to her famous tattoo and motto of being ‘The Female Boss’ then maybe she’d gain more respect and ultimately more success. However, we’ve yet to mention the quality of the music on The Female Boss, an album so devoid of inspiration that it makes lacklustre album releases by the likes of Rita Ora seem like the second coming of Nina Simone.

Who would have thought that she would miss her old chums and N’Dubz bandmates Fazer and Dappy? Whether you liked the rap trio or not, having Dappy in her group made her look like a saint. Now she is going it alone, Tulisa only has herself to answer for.



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