Nick Grimshaw: “We were kind of forced into having Rihanna as our Record Of The Week”

November 23, 2012 No Comments »

Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ Nick Grimshaw has boycotted Rihanna’s music after the star pulled out of an interview with him at the last minute.

The singer was due to appear on Grimshaw’s show on Monday (November 19) but cancelled just moments before, claiming to be unwell.

Grimshaw told listeners that he was not going to promote Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic over the course of this week.

“I’m going to have a tantrum because it’s my favourite pop star,” he said.

“We’re not even mentioning her. We’re not gonna promote it now,” Grimshaw told his listeners, before adding: “We were kind of forced into having Rihanna as our Record Of The Week because we were going to do a big interview with her, but once it was cancelled we changed it. She ruined my week. Nice one Rihanna.”

Via: NME

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