@AKSonline Interview With @AmaruDonTV (Part 1 & 2)



Amaru Don TV interviews independent UK rapper AKS. In part one we get to know about AKS views on the Industry as well letting his parents know of his musical aspirations + more.

In part 2 (below) we discuss how viable music is for AKS currently and the balance he would like to add to the music industry, as well as his nomination for MTV’s Brand New for 2013 Unsigned.

Amaru speaks:  I’m acutely aware that people think i (AMARU) does not “FEATURE” enough ‘upcoming artists’, but the truth of the matter is i personally do not take to the music of these artists. Its literally that simple.

However,  in the case of AKS i was introduced to his music through my good friend @Iamthenublack.  I didn’t personally know AKS before Gabrielle introduced his music to me, i didn’t have PR embellishing his music because they’re paid to, i just had a friend tell me “she likes it” and “i think you should check him out“, and i did.

And to be more honest with you when most of my friends tell me to check out someones music its because they have a vested interest and it clouds their judgement lol. Below are two songs that generated my interest in AKS music “House called home” & “Truth Be Told

I bought AKS  EP “The Bus Stop”  earlier in the year maybe you should too.

You can vote @AKSonline to become MTV’s Brand New for 2013 Unsigned winner. Cast your vote here:http://brandnewunsigned.mtv.co.uk/act/aks


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