Male Fears Part 3: “Missing out on potential relationship opportunities” By Amaru Wilcox @MrAmaru

October 21, 2012 3 Comments »

I remember in my teenage years hearing the song “Tell Me What You Want” by Total ft Mase. In the song there’s the infamous line by Mr. Bethar that says: ”I  want to see you happy, even if it’s not with me“. I would never truly adopt that ethos until about ten years later.

This is #RUTALK, so I’ll keep it as honest as I can on the internet. I’ve been blessed to meet and befriend fantastic women. There is no way you will never hear me say that there’s a shortage of amazing black women out there, I know better than that.

However, there’s been times when women have expressed an interest in me, or at least shown a liking towards me, and it’s always been difficult for me to assess if a lady is actually pursuing me or is just being friendly.

At times I’ve been guilty of perpetuating a routine of just talking about everything else on the phone apart from my thoughts/feelings for the person on the other line. It lingers in your mind that maybe, just maybe she’s into you. So you drag it out and play it cool. Then one day you realise the communication becomes more distant, irregular, and the phones calls are now scarcely returned. It’s at this point you realise that someone else has caught her attention and that window of opportunity that was once open for you is now closed!

It’s even more intriguing when the woman you could have had a long-term relationship with is now either engaged, married, pregnant or has “matching tattoos” lol.

It’s truly a unique and humbling feeling seeing someone you once had feelings for or still do, who in turn once had feelings for you, move on with their lives with someone else.

That’s where that line from MaseI want to see you happy even if it’s not with me” stuck in  my head.

#Rutalk a couple ladies reading this post will know this is about them.

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