ADTV Editorial: ‘Seven Possible Steps To Help You To Embrace Your Curves’ By @HoneyBeeBilli



Seven Possible Steps To Help You To Embrace Your Curves.

Its easy to point out the flaws in your body, your hips are to wide, your bottom is too ‘phat’, your thighs are too thick, your mega ‘top heavy’. But these are the accents of your body that set you aside from everyone else and make you an INDIVIDUAL. ‘Perfect’ only exists to the eye of the beholder, so when looking at yourself, you should look more bolder. In a society where implants and enhancing surgery are all the range, be thankful for what you have been naturally blessed with. You should acknowledge that you are beautiful. If YOU do not appreciate YOU first, unfortunately its impossible to believe, or understand when someone else would.

Dress For Your Shape: There is nothing worse than squeezing into that low cut top if you are conscious about the attention you already receive so be sure to wear clothes that fit you. If you are blessed with a  large upper half, try and find V neck cuts to complement your shape as opposed to exposing it. Try to avoid busy, baggy tops as this can make you look frumpy and shapeless. For the ladies, a good bra is CRUCIAL and makes all the difference.

Colour Me Bad: The colours you choose can also make a difference to your appearance and the way you feel. Black is slimming, but try not to hide in all black all the time. Splashes of color are always complementary, so try to team them with your black items. Caramel browns and Oxblood reds are definitely a seasons must. Also costume jewelry with similar tones complement an outfit but don’t over do it.

Be Confident: As much as there are parts of your body you would like to change, embrace the parts you enjoy and LOVE them. When preparing for your day, remind yourself what you enjoy about your body and focus on that. Be confident with what you have, and also be confident about what you would like to have. No matter how big you are, or how big you feel, it is a common fact that many people find curves attractive. Keep this in mind, especially during dates, relax and wear it with pride.

Get To Work: For the parts you can fix… Fix them. Nothing happens over night but if it’s the muffin top you want to lose, or the excess winter warming back fat, get training. Being unhappy about it wont shift it, working on it will. Don’t disillusion yourself, and do NOT take on drastic ‘shortcut measures’. Your health is the most important thing so do not put yourself at risk. As you start to look better to yourself, you will feel better within yourself.

Look Like You: Idolising others will not make you feel any better about yourself. If there is an ideal weight or celeb body you desire that’s great, but always remember you are your shape for a reason and you should only model yourself on a ‘better you’.3

Eat Good Look Good Feel Good: Pounding the pavements and working it out in that spin class are great to compliment those beautiful curves, but you need to ensure you treat your body right with the things you put inside it. Don’t deprive yourself, but always ensure everything is within moderation. Supplements, vitamins, fruit and vegetables are beneficial and taste just as good if not better than sweets, chocolates and other naughty treats.

Wear A Smile: A smile is the cheapest and most sort after fashion accessory on the market. Try to avoid wearing a moody frown, as this breeds more of the same. A good smile makes you seem more confident, and more comfortable, whatever your shape. Don’t over do it however. A cheesy grin or creepy gaze is not the most inviting but a genuine smile will radiate your face, and compliment your entire figure. Don’t over think it, just make it real.

Just a reflective thought.

Words By Billi John


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