Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger Talks To Amaru Don TV “Industry Stakeholders” (Part1)


Eric Bellinger is a big boy in this songwriting game. FACT! Before we get into the interview lets list some of Eric’s Songwriting placements, he wrote Usher’s hit single ‘Let Me See’ ,’What happened to you’ & ‘I care for you’ on Usher’s Latest album.  Ashanti’s latest single ‘The Woman You Love‘, Jennifer Hudson’s Think Like A Man‘ , Justin Bieber’sRight here’ & ‘Thought of you’ on the new album ‘Believe’. Eric was also behind Chipmunk Ft Chris BrownChampion‘ and won a grammy this year for Chris Brown’s “Fame” album.

So what brings Eric Bellinger to world renowned Metropolis studio in London?  He is currently in the studio with Rihanna working on her 7th studio album.

Now we got the Introduction out of the way, lets get to know more about the man himself in part one of Amaru Don TV “Industry Stakeholders”  interview with the extremely talented and hardworking Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger.

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Check out more of Eric’s placements here


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