A DAY WITH AMARU DON TV: “The Trey Songz Experience” By Tiffany Calver


Flirtatious smiles, long gazes into each other’s eyes… No, this did not happen when I met Trey Songz, it’s a scene from his new music video, Heart Attack, with Kelly Rowland. One can dream though! Back to reality, I found myself in the Atlantic Records HQ accompanied by fellow members of the Amaru Don TV team to get an interview (and a hug) from the R&B heartthrob.

Trey was in the UK promoting his upcoming album, Chapter V, as well as hosting a few club appearances around the country, and we managed to get a chunk out of his hectic schedule to talk about everything from how women rule the world (he was not forced to say this) to the unfortunate case of the Trayvon Martin murder. As we entered the Atlantic Records HQ and sat amongst some familiar media faces, we prepared ourselves for the upcoming conversation. Well, I personally tried to refrain from screaming, but the other members of the team remained cool and calm, obviously not as in awe of the man as myself.

Once it was our turn to go up, I again forced back down a joyful yell and entered the top level. What I found was nothing like what I was expecting. A white, tranquil waiting area, filled with the sounds of fatigue (basically very loud snoring) from Trey Songz’s entourage. The sign of a very long day I’m sure, not just of a very long night of partying!

Finally we were taken into the room where a very friendly Trey approached us and introduced himself. Something that baffled me and also pleased me, a world famous celebrity is introducing himself? This reflected his personality I would later find out, a down to earth and caring person. Someone who not only cared about his family members dearly, but his fan base too. To cut a long-winded paragraph short, Trey Songz is a humble and very dedicated person. He is not just about the performance and the parties, he takes notice of everything. He can tell you the average number of followers he receives daily on Twitter, to the YouTube views his latest video has. He likes to get involved with all aspects of his name, and to take part in the many sectors that go into creating it to be what it is today.

We touched upon some topics to do with the upcoming album, Chapter V, an album which the artist admitted to taking his time on, where once in discussion about his deepest song on the LP, he admitted the importance of women to the world.

Trey Songz epitomizes much more than an extremely talented musician. He is heavily involved within many other aspects of his career, and remains a major family man. He was an absolute pleasure to listen to, and his mannerisms epitomized his character perfectly. A real person. Out of all of the experiences I have attained so far in my time at Amaru Don TV, this was by far one of the best. And not just because of his very fitted t-shirt, but because it was nice to remain a fan of someone I have respected since the release of their first album. He really is what you perceive him as in his music videos, interviews and signings. And yes, I did get my hug.

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By Tiffany Calver


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