Starboy Nathan – “Real Talk” Interview w/ Amaru Don TV (1/3)


How many RnB albums can you name from UK artists in the last 10 years?

Starboy Nathan Interview with Amaru Don TV discusses where we are today with the UK RnB market. Hopefully we can start supporting the artists we actively champion!




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  1. Good to hear he’s still enthusiastic about the R&B and actually is getting an album release, I thought he might have taken the JLS route.

    Agree with what he’s saying that we’ve had the quality, it’s just the way they’ve been marketed by the labels.

    Loick Essien has so many great songs that have leaked and his singles are all top quality, there’s just been no continuity in his campaign from the label so each time he gets a gets a buzz, they’ve just let it die back down before doing anything else so he’s back to square 1 and his songs haven’t charted as highly as they should have done. His album had a release date for this month for a long time but I can’t imagine that’s still happening.

    Talay just needed a hit to get the ball rolling for himself really but hopefully got things happen for him in America.

    McLean had the one hit and then had Broken which was almost definately going to be another big hit but then the release got shelved like a week before it was meant to be out which was a bit strange and then he just totally disappeared.

    FDM didn’t even release one single when they were signed in the US to Ne-Yo’s Compound. I interviewed Jermaine Riley from them and he said Ne-Yo and everyone at Compound all supported them but it was just people higher up at the major label stopping everything.

    One person everyone forgets about is Taio Cruz, his first album was pretty much all R&B and was fairly successful. Not huge, but big enough for him to go onto release a second album with no problems and become huge from that.

    Probably the worst in terms of how their label has handled them though is Bluey Robinson… whatever type of music you’re into, you can’t dislike him. He’d been on their cards for years and hadn’t released anything official and in the end they let him release Showgirl, which would have been a perfect summer radio song but got barely any backing from the label and didn’t do anywhere near as well as it should’ve done, and the thing is that is only a fraction of what he is capable of. He’s supported a lot of big names which I think’s off his managers back rather than his label’s and he seems even better live but if he’s got no material out, he can’t capitalise on that.

    Someone just needs to release an album and for it to do well so the labels have more confidence in them and put more time and money into them before its too late.

    Daley’s coming through right now and if he gets played around, that’s a huge talent gone to waste and other people coming up signed to major labels like L Marshall will have no hope, especially as the mainstream R&B scene in the US is practically dead right now even though I’m pretty sure it’s about to make a massive comeback in a way we’ve never heard it before.

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