Top 10 ways women caught their man cheating


These stats won’t help the sista’s out there who are waiting for the MAN to fess up.  Check out the stats below, courtesy of Essence.

  1. Changes in his behavior: (He became distant, changed his appearance, got new underwear, was MIA, went everywhere with phone, etc.) 35%
  2. Technology gave him away: (Suspicious emails, texts, Facebook messages, calls on the phone bill, “I saw him on a dating site”, etc.) 22%
  3. Woman’s intuition: (Instinct, a sign from God, dreams, sixth sense, gut feeling) 13%
  4. The other woman told you: 10%
  5. I found hard evidence: (A condom wrapper, makeup stains, suspicious receipts, scratches, hickies) 5%
  6. Changes in our sex life: (He smells or feels different, he began introducing new sexual techniques, he shows diminished interest in sex, “he gave me an STD”) 5%
  7. I caught him in the act: 3%
  8. Other people told me: (My friends, his best friend, his sister, other woman’s husband) 3%
  9. He told me: 3%
  10. The other woman got pregnant: 1%





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