X-Factor To Allow Artists To Enter With Their Own Management This Year


Artists represented by managers will be permitted to enter The X Factor for the first time later this year – but the production company behind the show has no concern that recognisable faces will upset the format.

Previously, only those who agreed to break their professional contracts were welcomed onto X Factor, but now it will join Britain’s Got Talent in permitting acts with professional representation to enter.

When asked if he expected recognisable names to appear in 2012’s show – which is due to air later this year on ITV – Thames MD Richard Holloway said:

“At this juncture, I’d say it would be minimal. It’s possible, and in some ways I’d quite like it. It would be very interesting to show someone who’s had a career that’s just not worked out for them and who wants to give it another try.”

He added: “You could say if someone’s previously had a career [in music]it’s probably tougher than if X?Factor is their first experience. Maybe they’ve had their day, you know. It can be quite tough for someone who’s had a modicum of success to enter a competition like this.”



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