#Rutalk Editorial “The Glorified Girlfriend”


The Glorified Girlfriend by @MrAmaru

So you’re in a long-term relationship. There’s no ring on your finger, no veil over your face, no minister at the church and you still have different surnames. To be blunt: you’re a glorified girlfriend.

Let’s project a ranking system of where a women’s perceived or factual status is when you offset them against their nearest competitor.

Fling Vs Side Chick

Side Chick Vs Girlfriend

Girlfriend Vs Glorified Girlfriend

Glorified Girlfriend Vs Wife

Titles and roles mean a lot to people whether they like to admit it or not. They’ve actually become increasingly important. So with this in mind, i’ve come to realise there are a lot of ‘Glorified Girlfriends’. In the end though, they are only a GIRLFRIEND and nothing else.

What is a glorified girlfriend though?

The type of girlfriend who makes out that they’re something more than just a GIRLFRIEND; such as the ‘wife’, life-long committed soul mate, house on the picket fence… that kind of thing. When in reality they’re only a girlfriend. They can be known to strengthen their glorified status by gassing how long they’ve been together (a few years really glorifies them) the holidays they’ve been on, being cool with his family and friendly with his mum, etcetera. These are the high points and they are good indicators of your relationship’s bond and most importantly, your progression. You get my drift?

But in the cold reality of the outside world, you’re still ONLY the girlfriend. That’s it. #Simple.


However, if your perception is that marriage is a piece of paper and doesn’t prove your love or commitment, you can be excused from my views on this matter.

I believe this paradigm only pertains to those who believe in marriage because their #endgame is becoming a wife. This waiting game or interim period can lead some women into masses of glorified girlfriend rhetoric to their friends. This information is usually conveyed to the lowly positioned girlfriends, side chicks and flings.

A glorified girlfriend can’t talk gas to a wife though. A CERTIFIED married woman whose man put the ring on it, honeymooned it, last named it, even wedding caked it. The whole nine!!!

It’s just like a person with hundreds of thousands talking to a millionaire about money. Yeah we can talk money, but we’re talking about different levels of money. Remember, this applies to those who aspire for marriage.

Progression, progression, and progression

Ultimately, it comes to progression. We all want to move up to a higher level and the glorified girlfriend is no different. She’s always looking for key indicators to feel that she’s more than just a girlfriend and my view is women, as do men, subliminally rank themselves against their peers or society in general.

In actuality, we all exhibit these tendencies in life. How many of us have worked at retail jobs and said: “it’s only a pit stop” and once we get a ‘proper’ job, we’ll be “moving on to the next level”? We subconsciously look down on those who are happy to stay at that level, whereas we’re looking to elevate. The key thing is, those people we’re slyly being snobbish about for quote on quote ‘lack of ambition’ are actually content but we aren’t. As long as you’re in that frame of mind, the only thing you can do is talk up your aspirations. But to the outsiders, you’re still in the same place until you move into that space you’ve been talking about. #RUTALK

Written by Amaru Wilcox


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