“Dear Nicki Minaj, We Need To Talk” Editorial By Lowkey (MUST READ)


I want you guys to read this editorial on Nicki Minaj’s bizarre grammy performance from my homie in the states LOWKEY (read below).

An EXORCISM my nigga? WORD?!!? Where do I begin? Oh, I know where: WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING LAST NIGHT? Ok, let me pump my chucks. Up until last night you’ve been doing things your way; pushing the envelope without stamping it. I can dig it. Wearing Popeye 2 pieces around your neck, gracing fashion magazines without hesitation, performing on the worlds BIGGEST stage, collaborating with legends- I’d be stupid to knock you for your relentless hustle. But last night? On CBS? I believe America witnessed a transition that didn’t go AS planned.

You’ve already defeated the odds. Let’s get that out the way, now. You’re a young, FEMALE! Words can’t even EXPRESS how much you’ve overcome with those labels hovering over you. But you’re a young BLACK female in a MALE dominant industry. You’re not even SUPPOSED to make it to where you’ve been in the past two weeks. Fuck the past two years, the past TWO WEEKS. A young BLACK FEMALE from the trenches of Queens, NY? You were written off before you even STARTED. That within itself garners so much respect. Pshhh, you’re on one right now.

But may I ask, what were you thinking last night? And I know, “It’s The Grammy’s” and you have to put your BEST foot forward to leave a memorable mark on music’s biggest stage…I get that. But there are still some folks who are rooting AGAINST you and furthermore have not even HEARD of you due to the disdain they have for our culture. I know you’re probably reading this (probably not, but I’m going to act like you are because I’m having a good morning lol) thinking WHO in THE FUCK is this computer nerd reading me my creative rights. Let me refresh your memory real quick.

Bout two and a half years ago, we met over at BET. This when you released the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape. Debra Antney over at Mizay Entertainment was pitching you to us and I took the interview. It was a great time. We flirted. You smiled. I laughed (5:50 mark). Usual shit. But what struck me was you were so humble and shocked that the world was taking to you at such a fast pace, ESPECIALLY Lil Wayne. After that interview, we would see each other and always show love. Daps, hugs, head nods…always something. But after that, you took THE fuck off. Like a rocket. Are you still that hungry?

I know success can be an addicting ass drug. I’ve tasted it, not enough of it…but I’ve tasted it. And BOY is it good. So I can only IMAGINE that shit you’re experiencing. BUT has that knocked off your hunger or increased it? Has it given you more leverage to climb into other lanes because you can or because you feel the culture that put you on that platform has nothing more to offer you? We’re not use to this Nicki Minaj…we don’t even hear you rap anymore. It’s almost like you’ve alienated the hip-hop paint without thinking twice. And believe me, I’m not asking you to stay in the hood in Queens and post up. Nope, definitely not asking you to do that….but where’s your connection with the culture?

Do you still feel one? Do you ever get the urge to pause your star power for a second, post up in the studio, scribble on a piece of paper and just rape someones beat? Or are you beyond that? You’re around a man who works NON-STOP! Don’t you feel like challenging him sometimes? Isn’t that how you guys started out? Wasn’t HE your inspiration? What happened? Maybe I’m overstepping my boundaries. Maybe I’m saying what EVERYONE else is thinking. Maybe I’m just hungry my damn self and feel like spewing that motivational shit to an artist who I think has the ability to put the rap game in a cobra clutch because quite frankly no other female MC is in your position to do so. I don’t know, but I had to get this out my head after witnessing last nights festivities. Not sure what your buddies over at YMCMB are telling you. I mean one wears Pajamas….FOR FUN. And the other guy is in love with Nike gloves for reasons we will NEVER know. But hey, to each their own…you know?

I’m not the most religious man on earth, but lord JESUS CHRIST that red carpet stunt was OD. Bet you Madonna told you to do that huh? Pushing the envelop has it’s perks but not when you piss off America. But hey, freedom of speech is a motherfucker right? As for the performance and that RETCHED song? Bruh? That aint it. You CLEARLY let the devil in last night. I hate anything DEALING with exorcists. That shit scares the ENTIRE FUCK OUT OF ME. So now? When I hear that tune you performed last night? I’m turning it the FUCK off. I don’t care how soft your cakes are, ain’t no exorcism nonsense allowed around these parts. NO MAAM, NOT ME!

I’m sure you’re online laughing at all the criticism from last night. Pumping your chest because you did things YOUR way without blinking, and you blink a lot. But just remember where you came from. Just remember why you stepped in that booth. Push your envelops. Defy the odds. Turn non-believers into believers. But know this: WE (and I’m sure you know who WE is) miss you.

Hope to see you soon.








  1. Sorry, but I COMPLETELY disagree with this article! First of all, we all have a right to religious freedom, but you do NOT have a right to not be offended! Second of all, religion is stupid and is based on nothing. No religion is based in reality, no religion has ANY merit and Christianity has corrupted sooooo many minds in our country that we’re lagging behind many other developed countries in soooooo many different ways! Third of all, our country was NOT built on Christianity. Our nation’s forefathers were mostly deists and non-Christians, and they’re probably rotating in their graves like rotisserie chicken @ how socio-economically degraded our country has become! I give Kudos to Nicki Minaj for poking fun @ religion, an institution with a sordid history of violence, corruption, genocide, homophobia, ethnic cleansing, racism, slavery, sexism, the list goes on and on. We need to break free from this TRASH and actually move FORWARD as a country!

    • People didn’t get offended cuz of religion, they got offended cuz it SUCKED. The act sucked, the music sucked etc. She got 10 minutes and Jennifer Hudson who only got 3 min for that Whitney Tribute, with no gimmicks just her that stage and THAT voice blew me away. Same goes for Adele.

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