ADTV Editorial: ‘Are you really just friends’


I saw this phrase below on VSB

“Here’s a simple question for the single masses: if you happened to get into a committed relationship tomorrow, exactly how many people would you have to stop talking to outright because your relationships could be deemed inappropriate?”

Take your time. Think on it

Let Mr Ru, Chime in!

The way “some women” are so quick to brandish to word “Friend” is actually a disgrace. Really it is. I can slightly forgive young naive teenagers for this lapse in judgement…but not the 20 somethings. 

  • If he could, he wouldYou are not friends
  •  If you talk about things “That would cause offence/discomfort” to your new boo. You are not friends
  • If you were the one that put him/her in the “friends zoneYou are not friends

I believe if women were super honest with themselves (rarely they are) but if they were, they would find that they’d have to relinquish at least a good 75% of their “FRIENDS“.

Will women give that up? nope. If she loses 75% of her friends who will call her,gas her,enterain her. etc

Let me stop here. Lol Just putting it out there.



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