My day at Universal Records with Amaru Don TV & Cover Drive By Kyomi Wade


When Amaru contacted me asking whether I’d like to accompany him alongside an interview at Universal records I jumped at the chance. I had, had experience with phone interviews, but not in a face-to-face situation – plus, this was Universal records. I took it as a great opportunity to really observe interactions, and generally how you conduct yourself in a label setting. First thing I thought – how to dress. I had attended a leadership course a couple weeks prior to that which vocalised the importance of how you dress in dictating first impressions. So I decided to go casual smart. I wore black loose shorts, with black tights, a long sleeved caramel shirt with a blazer and camel brown wedges. I thought the blazer smartened up the outfit and it still showed a bit about my personality. I was thankful when I received compliments from two people on my outfit (imaginary fist pump) and decided my outfit fitted in nicely alongside the people at the label – which was generally quite casual! As the lady at the front desk led Amaru and I up to the interviewees, which happened to be rising Carib-Pop group – Cover Drive, she tried to get a feel for the type of audience Amaru was targeting, therefore getting a better feel for the benefits of working with him.

Once led upstairs we were taken through to Cover Drive and their momager. Whilst setting up I noticed Amaru tried to create a relaxed setting for the group. He quizzed them about their UK experiences documented through their online videos and soon had a jokey rapport going. Once the interview commenced he asked them a series of questions off the top of his head and fed off the direction of the interview. I saw how this can keep the relaxed vibe going which therefore can get more from the interviewee. Cover Drive, as other people in the label had mentioned where quite fun and bubbly anyway. They had infectious banter which I couldn’t help laughing along to and would answer questions then revert back to chatting between each other. One of the topics that weren’t discussed was how important staying together as a group was to them, but the question seemed to answer itself. Their role models included bands such as No Doubt and The Black Eyed Peas, and their seemed to be something really genuine in their unity and vision in general. As the interview winded down Amaru took some photos – including one of me and the band and I was left with a better insight into conducting an interview at a label. Great experience – thank you Amaru!

Kyomi Wade


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  1. I find your writing style unique, however some spelling errors in your short. Over all a good read, hope to find more of your work soon and critique it Ms. Wade.

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