J.C.Johnsons Woman Vs Womanizer: Book Review By Kyomi Wade (Amaru Don TV)


J.C.Johnsons Woman Vs Womanizer: What he knows Vs what you don’t

J.C.Johnson Woman Vs Womanizer is everything in title but simultaneously so much more. WVW is tale of transformation, and not just that of boy to man, but from mental enclosure to freedom, and just how powerful that can be. And more importantly it’s a real life story.

Johnson closes Woman VS Womanizer by stressing his deliberation over writing the book. He hopes that in some way the novel has brought value to the reader, well I can personally say 190% percent yes. When I first picked up Woman Vs Womanizer I was intrigued by the title, it seems too often in life women and girls seems to be very confused around the area of men. Being someone who personally has never had a close male friend (up until recently) I can only assumed that the enigma and lack of understanding is heightened in my case. Nevertheless hours of analysing and talking through situations with your girlfriends can’t help but feel insignificant next to this wonderfully insightful book. It is a frank, honest and sometime shocking account of a womanizer!

 I can commend Johnson for many things, firstly for making me thirst for reading again, from the moment I picked up this book it’s been stuck to my side like a phone (reminding me of when I was a child and I used to walk the street with my head down reading lol) I finished the novel in essentially four days. It was ridiculously engaging, exciting and thought provoking – I honestly felt like I was watching my favourite series back to back.

Secondly I have to commend him for successfully transcending me into his world. Johnson at his youth, was essentially what I would class a ‘prick’ under usual circumstances, but yet there was tremendous substance to his character, so much so that even before his transformation to a better man it would be foolish to debase him to that term. I have to elaborate further on this comment to also agree with other reviews terming it a ‘rollercoaster ride’; as from page one, I was on that ride. I was joyful on his ups and cried a tear (seriously) on his downs. I was ridiculously moved by his many revelations and general epiphany, so much so that I found myself applying his teachings to my own life.

Thirdly for the novels reliability; whether you’ve crossed paths with a womanizer, had a friend who dated one, or simply resemble the characteristics he perceives in women. There is no way you can read this book without chuckling inside at the comparisons available. There is a quote by Thomas Jefferson stating ‘honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom’ and that is what this book resembles, so much so I would call it educational.

Putting down this book, I genuinely feel enlightened and truly understand when people say it’s only you that has the key to your life. It is truly your outlook/attitude that determines your path and you can choose to maintain a positive one. I feel mentally free and firmly feel I can achieve anything, which I can- and you can- well, just read the book already and let me stop ranting!

Reviewed By

Kyomi Wade

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