Example Thinks Cheryl Cole’s Job In The U.S. ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’

April 6, 2011 No Comments »

Example is confused about why Cheryl Cole is trying to forge a career in the U.S. and talking about the rumours with her being a judge on the new U.S X Factor, he says it “doesn’t make any sense.”

The ‘Kickstarts’ hitmaker doesn’t think that Cole has enough popularity to warrant a job on the panel alongside the likes of Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid.

In an interview with MTV News, Example said: “So, Cheryl’s going to America right? Which doesn’t make sense to me at all, nothing against Cheryl Cole, but who is she in America? No one.”

Example also alluded to Cole’s friendship with Cowell and believes it’s stemmed from that. He said: “That’s obviously Simon Cowell just doing little favours for her, but think how many American artists they could draw from to get on there.”

“You’ve got a pool of about fifty American artists who you could get to do it, who are more talented and are as pretty as Cheryl Cole.”

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