How Does A Woman Become Unsure Of Her Relationship Status


Analogy for you guys…If i’m in Spain and someone asks ‘Amaru, where are you?’ I will say ‘I’m in Spain‘ – I’ll say that because…I’M IN SPAIN

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If i’m in Spain and someone asks ‘Amaru, where are you?’ I may reply ‘I don’t know…i maybe in Jamaica but it feels like Nigeria… it could be Spain…there’s Spanish flags…Its where the plan landed but I’m not sure where i am??? It says Barcelona..but feels like it could be Kuwait’ LMAO – get my drift guys???

There is a common trend sweeping the Nations across the world, where LADIES, do not know what their OWN situation is!

I find this baffling to sometimes hear my friends speak on their circumstance and be unsure of whether ‘They’re in a relationship or not’

Can someone explain this to Mr Amaru????

Let have a healthy debate on this!


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  1. they’re too scared to define it themselves so he doesn’t get ‘the wrong idea’ or because ‘nothing has been discussed’ or ‘we need to have that talk’ and they ‘dont know when to bring it up’
    and they ask all of their girlfriends and guyfriends when is appropriate to bring it up, what they should say. all the while said guy is loving the fact that nothig is defined and he can go about his business as he pleases. OR he’s doing the same thing i guess lol or some girls just define it for themselves and wait for the guy to disagree lol

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