Amaru & Jesse McCartney talk it out


Throwback interview with myself Amaru & Jesse McCartney on a cold promo day in london, 2008.

At just 21 years of age, already embarking on the release of his 3rd studio album Departure. Jesse McCartney is already a household name in the States and Europe. However, this 21 year old Singer Songwriter & Actor maybe more familiar to you from his role in the teen hit drama Summerland. If that does not ring a bell maybe you will more familiar with his song writing credits as he co-wrote Leona Lewis huge smash hit “Bleeding love”. On his recent promo trip to London, Amaru caught up with Jesse McCartney to talk on the new single and album.

Amaru: How are you enjoying the UK?

Jesse McCartney: I like it, I’ve been here a few times

Amaru: Have you been able to go anywhere interesting on your visit?

Jesse McCartney: It’s been tough, promoting and working so much it’s been hard to get out there

Amaru: Lets change gears to your current single “leavin”. What made you go with this as the lead single?

Jesse McCartney: I think it was a good representation of the record. I think it was a good bridging of the old sound to the new sound

Amaru: I have listened to leaving, am i correct that you’re telling a lady to leave her man who is not treating her good?

Jesse McCartney: Yeah

Amaru: Jesse, that’s not going to help out the guys out here

Jesse McCartney: Erm (pause) I guess (laughs)

Amaru: Do you think a lot of women can relate with this scenario?

Jesse McCartney: I’m sure, yeah I’m sure they can. You know It’s nothing too serious, the song pretty fun and catchy it’s more about the feeling you get after listening to it

Amaru: How was it working with Tricky Stewart and The dream for leavin?

Jesse McCartney: It was great man. They’re great guys they are super talented, they were on my list of people I really wanted to get in the studio with

Amaru: Lets talk about your album, what can we expect from Departure in contrast to your last album Right where you want me?

Jesse McCartney: Sonically it was a little bit more RnB and rhythmic. It was written on the piano, which was something I have not done before. It’s got an overtone of the 80s on it with contemporary melody and lyrics, certainly a big departure from the previous records

Amaru: In terms of recording this album how difficult was it for you to finalise
what tracks would make the final cut?

Jesse McCartney: That’s a good question man. I had a lot of songs when I was done with this album, like 40 or 50 songs. It’s tough, they all become like your little children. When you have an album you kinda want to tell a story and have a theme, we picked the twelve that we thought there were the best and tell the story

Amaru: Were you apprehensive at all in writing an autobiographical album by opening personal aspects of your life to the general public?

Jesse McCartney: For me, writing about what you know writing on personal experience makes for the most honest songwriter, I think the fans really connect with that. I feel that’s what I am best just writing what I know, what I’ve been through

Amaru: What’s your personal favourite song on the album?

Jesse McCartney: I have a couple. One of them might be the second single it’s called it’s over it’s a little more RnB. It was written and produced by the Clutch, it has a lot to say about a relationship, with the reality of a relationship ending

Amaru: Is that from a personal experience for you?

Jesse McCartney: Definitely

Amaru: In terms of writing, you wrote Leona Lewis worldwide hit Bleeding love. How did that transpire?

Jesse McCartney: It was one of those things man that was a perfect storm is the best way to put it. I wrote the song with Ryan Teder, who is the lead singer of One Republic. We got in the studio initially to write for my album. I was building a catalogue of songs experimenting in new sounds and Ryan is a great writer.
When we had finished the song, I was really proud of the tune I felt it was really great but I think we both decided it called for a female vocalist. Clive Davis eventually got it, it was pitched to him for Leona when she needed her first single and he really really liked it and Simon got on board. When the two of them believe in something its kind of unstoppable

Amaru: And any regrets that you didn’t keep it for yourself?

Jesse McCartney: Everyone asks that. You know man, I can’t complain. The song could not of gone to a more genuine person. Aside from her vocals, she is a really amazing girl

Amaru: What are your final words for the UK audience in anticipation for your album?

Jesse McCartney: Just to give this album a chance. It’s definitely unlike anything they’ve heard from me before. I think it will change a lot of minds musically and to thank those who have been supporting me I appreciate all the love from the fans and I hopefully I’ll be out here to tour at the end of the year

Interview by Amaru Wilcox

Editor notes: This Album was slept on – it was a good good album and Jesse is a talented artist who makes good music. #AmaruApproved

One of my fav songs on departure ITS OVER


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