Strong Black Woman ‘The Prophecy’ By Amaru


You might be on your own
Feel all alone
Trust me you’re a queen

Waiting to be ordained on your throne
your ex man had to leave
the seeds he planted were twisted weeds
It was him you wanted but it’s not him you need
either way my sista

You don’t need a man solely to succeed
If you’re not enough for him

put it down to selfish greed
Standards morality don’t wait for his lead
I can say you will achieve
Skies are not your limits
the limits he placed on you

You’re going to exceed
Have faith have hope you have to believe

When at times you don’t see
Strong black woman don’t just take it from me
I’ve taken this from you
You’re all we got I have to plead
And strong black woman
Let a strong black man bow down
On a bended knee

Strong Black Woman

This is my prophecy


Written By Amaru Wilcox @MrAmaru