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Had Mike Posner decided not to lock himself away in his dorm room eighteen months ago, he would be in a similar situation as most students in university: jobless and searching. Instead, Posner walled off his dorm room and completed twelve tracks for the mixtape A Matter of Time, which went on to become a sensation at his school, Duke University, and on other college campuses around the country. Working with the likes of Labrinth and Big Sean, Mike fuses electro pop, rock, hip-hop, soul and R&B to create a genre bending blend of mainstream music that it’s cool to like.

Check out his video for his single Cooler than me and interview after the jump

The first track to be released in the UK will be ‘Cooler Than Me’ which is a hot pop ode to a former crush floating somewhere between doe-eyed obsession and Mr Independent. The song has already reached number 3 in the US ITunes chart and is likely to be a grower.

Mike Posner speaks on “Cooler than me”

I recorded it in the dorm room on a really cheap microphone

Mike Posner speaks on Labrinth & Tinie Tempah

Lab is an incredibly talented dude – he’s going to be a beast in the music industry for years, mark my words!

Mike Posner speaks on “Matter of Time”

There is no possible way that all these people are going to make it – its only a matter of time before these people are going to have to face reality!

‘Cooler Than Me’ will be released in November in the UK.


Interview by

Amaru Wilcox

Part two coming soon!


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