Platonic cross gender friendship???


Just good friends, i remember this song from the legend that is Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder.

The concept of the title in today’s day and age seems a distant illusion to what is now a disillusioned society. In this increasingly sexualised and fast paced life that we are all encapsulated in i find the term Plutonic friendship nearly extinct or a myth like that of the loch ness monster.

I have adopted the perspective that Men and Women are no longer truly friends through equal intentions, some will quell such talk as not true and correctly point to friendships that they have that goes against that which i speak of here. With anything in life there are few exceptions to the rules case in point a black president of the United States which many of our forefathers believed would never ever happen or be allowed to happen… one should consider they at the time had valid reasons for having these deep rooted beliefs as I do with the Just good friends paradigm.

We are well versed of the phrase Men are from mars with women still originating from crazy Venus. occasionally we orbit each other’s planet to assess terrain of what is going on only then to report our findings back to our respective planets (Star trek talk) usually in the wrong context and exasperate stereotypes and generalisations of THE OTHER SIDE.

Back to the case in point  ….. Full editorial coming soon!


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