“Don’t Shun the Good guys”



I think personally we have to admit that not all do. However, there’s a truth that most are more receptive to the allure and draw of a guy who isn’t goody two shoes.

As a young teenager i played the bad boy role because i found females were more receptive to it (Personally that’s how it was for me). I never would be bad, bad, but just held back on a lot of my feelings by acting like i didn’t care (Bad as it may seem… it worked and they liked me more) AND…. i saw the sensitive guys who were caught up getting played for dummies and i refused to walk that path PRIDE WOULD NOT ALLOW the DON to be DUMB (Yeah right).

Bk to the TOPIC!!!

There may be a number of social and personal reasons why women choose to be with bad boys. Some women simply don’t know what they’re looking for and choose the wrong man. Other women are duped by smooth talking chameleons who eventually show their true colors…(usually after the woman has wasted her time and body with him). But many women consciously seek out bad boys for their own self-gratification. It really depends on the woman and how adventurous (or mischievous) she wants to be.

Throughout your dating life, I have observed sistas yielding to players or “thuggish” bad boys maybe because they subconsciously wish to release their own inner wild child. They may wish to step outside the “good girl” role, but find it difficult to do since society tends to hold women to certain standards. Women who wish to release that wildness often find it easier to do when they’re with a man who also plays the game (I could be wrong).

Plus, some women feel that bad boys will never be boring and will always keep them excited and entertained. This perception also creates a sense of security as women frequently label bad boys as popular, connected, and persuasive men.

A majority of sistas who date wild guys eventually discover little joy in long-term relationships with them.

After a while, those wild sistas discover maturity and eventually go on the prowl for men who aren’t te BAD BOY but like the caption shows it could be toooooooooooo late.

Mr Ru

I give it to you straight like 6 o’clock



  1. I think a lot that you said is right, such as bad boys keeping you excited, but no joy in long term relationships. I have seen men evolve out of their ‘bad boy’ behaviour for women they love. So nothing is black and white realy. But it all depends on the chick in person as long as she is firm of what she wants. And doesn’t let herself be manipulated.

  2. well, there is a lot of truth in what you wrote and I am definitely one of those females who go for the bad boys. I grew up in the suburbs w/ the good guys so when I got to college and met the bad boys in the college town, it was something new and different and dangerous. Why do bad things make you feel so good? lol. Well, they are really only short-term gratification. Most bad boys (if they are truly) are hustlers. Hustlers will hustle anything even those who truly love them. Its what they do, it’s how they survived their whole lives. Lie, cheat, steal even sometimes kill to get what they need/want.

    There’s a metaphorical story about a woman who took an injured snake into her possession to take care of and when the snake bit the woman she asked why. The snake told her to quit her wining because she knew he was a snake when she took him in. So women who date bad boys shouldn’t be surprised when they get hurt because that’s just what they do. I’m over it now. I’ve had my thrill. But I really doubt it’s too late for me lol.

  3. Some very valid points and yes not all women but there is some truth to the statement.
    As a woman myself, I personally, would not say that I like ‘Bad Boys’ and have never really gone for the bad boy personality/image.

    I do think that some women can be extremely shallow in what they want and very quick to shun men who maybe do not appear as attractive, stylish or wealthy but it does depend on the woman and what she wants. A woman’s background, up-bringing, locality and life experiences are all factors which may determine the sort of man she is attracted to.

    It is NEVER TOO LATE though! No man or woman is perfect and everyone learns from their past mistakes/choices and can definitely grow from there and find someone special.

  4. Me, personally I’ve always liked the reserved, intelligent gentlemen..the whole “dating a thug” thing is way to risky …spiritually,emotionally, & financially.

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